Digital Deacons is operated by Char Magnifico who is married to the original founder of Digital Deacons, Louis Magnifico.  At its inception, Digital Deacons was a non profit organization offering technical services at no cost to churches, ministries, and other charities.  One of the early projects of Digital Deacons was Deopolis, possibly the world's first social networking site - long before MySpace or Facebook.  Unlike the social networking sites that are popular today, Depolis was a closed network for which one had to apply for membership.  Deopolis was a community of Christian and charitable individuals and organizations networked together to create synergies and partnerships that would ultimately enable them to achieve their own goals and missions more efficiently and effectively.  This project required us to think outside the box and develop creative technologies that were new at the time.

The concept set the path for the future of Digital Deacons as it transformed from a non profit organization to a commercial business in 2008.  Led by artist, engineer, and entertainer Char Magnifico, Digital Deacons has become what we believe to be the first comprehensive Creative Technologies firm offering a multitude of services that all mix creativity with technology and media.

In 2011, Digital Deacons started a print and eBook publishing division.  Authors are welcome to solicit their manuscripts for consideration from our publishing division.



Char Magnifico and her husband Louis Magnifico are known as The Traveling Twosome as well.  The Traveling Twosome host and produce a TV Show, a national radio show, and a travel & entertainment website.

In addition, be sure to check out the official website for Vintage - the band in which Char and Louis perform.  Vintage is an entertaining, talented, and professional variety band performing hits from all of Rock's Finest Eras.


Vintage - Live Variety Band for Memphis and the Mid South

The Traveling Twosom