Digital Deacons website development and live musical entertainment in the Memphis area

Digital Deacons has pioneered the creative technologies field, offering a variety of entertainment, technology, and media related services:

- Roku Television Channel Development
- Audio / Video Production
- Live Musical Entertainment
- Book and eBook Publishing Services
- Photography
- Radio and TV Commercial Production
- Web Development
- Email Marketing

Digital Deacons is customer focused, highly skilled, and wonderfully artistic.  We will work with you to make sure your project gets the attention it deserves!  We also help your business grow by offering a wide variety of new media marketing concepts.

Char Magnifico of Digital Deacons is also one half of the creative team known as The Traveling Twosome.  The Traveling Twosome host and produce a TV Show (A Day in the Life), operate their own TV Channel, host a national radio show (The Traveling Twosome Show), and run a travel & entertainment website.  They are also regular guests on radio shows across the nation.  Follow this entertaining couple at

In addition, Char herself performs with her band, Vintage.  Vintage is a professional and highly talented variety band performing in Memphis and throughout the Mid South region.  Vintage music is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and other music outlets.  Follow Vintage and access their recordings from the band's website at


Check out Vintage - House of the Rising Sun - Available Now!

Check out Vintage's recently released cover of "House of the Rising Sun"
and other recordings at


Vintage - Live Variety Band for Memphis and the Mid South

The Traveling Twosom